Advising & Teaching


For students who wish to have me as their primary graduate advisor: I am happy to work with hard-working and enthusiastic students. It's not enough to be "interested" in NLP or AI, please be clear as to why you want to work with me.

For students who wish to have me serve on their committee: At any time I serve on many committees, so if you wish to include me as a committee member on your thesis or dissertation committee, please be clear about why you want me on your committee. Even though I teach courses in Deep Learning and NLP, there are other faculty members who do research in these areas as well.


Office: City Center Plaza (CCP) 254


  • CS 4/536 S19 Natural Language Processing
  • CS 133 F19 Foundations of Data Science


  • CS 597 S18 Artificial Neural Networks and Deep Learning
  • CS 354 S18 Programming Languages
  • CS 533 F18 Introduction to Data Science


  • CS 354 S17 Programming Languages
  • CS 497/597 S17 Natural Language Processing
  • CS 197 F17 Foundations of Data Science using Python


  • CS 354 F16 Programming Languages