• Promoted to Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Boise State University

  • Recipient of the National Science Foundation CAREER Award

  • Invited Talk for Foundations of Computational Linguistics at Potsdam University, Potsdam, Germany.

  • Invited Talk "How Should Models of Language Meaning Learn?" for CLASP, Gothenburg, Sweden.

  • Talk for PhD in Computing Colloquium "Reflections on how to Fail at Research", Boise State University


  • Invited talk "Natural Language Understanding in Computational Systems" for the Osher Institute, Boise, Idaho

  • Invited talk for the German Society of Computational Linguistics

  • Area chair for ACL, EMNLP 2021; reviewer for multiple conferences and journals.

  • Outstanding reviewer for CoNLL 2021

  • Elected to SigDial Board.


  • Local/Virtual Chair for the Special Interest Group on Dialogue and Discourse (SIGDIAL) Conference 2020 (see Medium article about the experience)

  • Invited Talk for the Cognitive Informatics Seminar, hosted by Stevan Harnad, Université de Montréal

  • Organizer for Special Session on Robots & Mutlimodal Dialogue (RoboDial 2.0) at SIGDIAL 2020

  • Panelist on Data Science Education at Boise State University for the 2020 National Workshop on Data Science Education, Berkeley California

  • Invited talk for the Erasmus Mundus Language & Communication Technology Annual Meeting

  • Invited talk for the Young Researchers' Roundtable on Spoken Dialogue Systems

  • Invited talk for Intel's MDI Research Discussions Program

  • Area Chair for ACL, EMNLP 2020

  • Talk "Understanding Understanding" at PhD in Computing Colloquium at Boise State University

  • Participant in the Dagstuhl Seminar: Spoken Language Interaction with Virtual Agents and Robots (SLIVAR): Towards Effective and Ethical Interaction



  • Awarded a grant from NSF to research and develop a child-adaptive search tool with Boise State Colleagues Dr. Jerry Fails, Dr. Sole Pera, and Dr. Katherine Wright,

  • Boise Startup Week Tech Track Panelist for "AI in Academia and Industry" Boise, Idaho, October 2018

  • Clearwater DevCon Invited Talk, Meaning, Language, and Intelligence in Machines, October 2018

  • Presentation at "Physicially Situated Intelligence" Workshop at Microsoft Research, Redmond, Washington

  • Panelist "Physically Situated Dialogue Special Session" at SigDial, Melbourne, Australia

  • Invited talk at YRRSDS 2018, Melbourne, Australia

  • Invited talk at the Micron Data Science Seminar, Boise, Idaho.

  • Presentation on Neural Networks at the Boise Code Camp, 2018.


  • Invited talk for the Interaction Lab at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK

  • Invited talk at the Dialogue Systems Group seminar, Bielefeld University, Bielefeld, Germany.

  • Invited talk at Senior Seminar in the Boise State University Department of Computer Science.

  • Presentation on Natural Language Processing at the Boise Code Camp, 2017.

  • Invited presentation on Data Science at the Python user group meeting at Boise State University.


  • Moved to Boise, Idaho to work as an assistant professor at Boise State University in the Computer Science Department

  • Successful Ph.D dissertation defense, committee members: David Schlangen, Philipp Cimiano, and Marcus Kracht.

  • Reviewer for various conferences and grant proposals.

  • Talk at CITEC workshop: "From Robotics to Cognitive Interaction and Beyond"


  • Invited Talk at SFB Colloquium Series, Stuttgart, Germany.

  • Talk at Bielefeld University Linguistics and Literature Department Colloquium.

  • Invited talk at CITEC AI Club meeting, Bielefeld, Germany.

  • Reviewer for ESSLLI Student Session, ICMI, SIGDial, EMNLP


  • PhD 'Provider' for the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) RISE program.

  • Invited Talk at HRI-Europe in Offenbach, Germany

  • Reviewer for ICMI+Workshops, Language & Computation ESSLLI Student Session.


  • Three-month internship with Honda Research Institute, advised by Kotaro Funakoshi.

  • Organizing committee for the Young Researchers' RoundTable on Spoken Dialogue Systems (YRRSDS) which took place in Metz, France in conjunction with SIGdial.

  • Reviewer for ICMI+Workshops.


  • Talk at the Bielefeld Linguistic Colloquium, Bielefeld, Germany

  • Invited talk at the CITEC "Robot Anthropology: Emergent technologies and questions of human sciences" workshop, August 2-3, Bielefeld, Germany.

  • Attended the ESSLLI Summer School.