Software & Data

Software and data that we produced can be found on the SLIM Group's Github page. Other software that we use is also linked.


  • HADREB - Human Appraisals and (English) Descriptions of Robot Emotion Behavior

  • Simulated hands with muscle activations and visual features (Python pickle and csv)

  • Cozmo Affect Data (descriptions and affect labels) for our 2019 RSS paper

  • Child Speech Models

  • PentoRef


  • Robot-ready Spoken Dialogue System (rrSDS) built on ReTiCo

  • Mistyrobotics Misty II Remote Control

  • Elicited Imitation Audio Prompt Recorder Tool

  • Words-as-Classifiers Model (WAC; Python)

  • Suffix Tree Language Model (Java, Python)

  • Simple Incremental Update Model (SIUM; Java, Python; we also have a bridge for InproTK)

  • Incremental RASA NLU

  • OpenDial (Java) (Python)

  • InproTK (Java)

Platform for Situated Intelligence (psi) Components

  • GoogleASR - Speech to text using Google API

  • GoogleTranslate - Text language translation using Google API

  • GoogleSpeak - Text to speech using Google API

  • AudioOutput - Plays PSI Audio data through speaker

  • TobiiEyeTracker - Aquires sensor data from Tobii eye tracker

  • ActiveMQ - Sends and receives strings with timestamps through ActiveMQ

  • DataFaucet - Data gatekeeper for component to control whether or not the component will receive data

  • AggregateDump - Allows aggregating and triggered dumping of Audio bytes